Technology & Innovation

We adopt the most recent innovations in technology to improve safety standards, enhance productivity and reduce environmental impact.

Our team of well-trained, experienced geologists and engineers optimize our mines to increase investment potential and improve profitability. They conduct exploration planning, resource estimation, mine planning, cutoff grade analysis, mine costing, environmental planning and permitting, and economic analysis.

How We Explore and Mine

  1. Analyze Geological Setting
  2. Geological Investigation:

Phase I – Reconnaissance Geologic Study

  1. Review and verify previous geological studies – This includes reviewing previous work conducted (i.e. maps, samples, physical tests and chemical analysis.
  2. Execute pre-field visit works using remotely sensed data to determine.
  3. Regional trends and detailed geology.
  4. Execute pre-field visit works using remotely sensed data to determine regional trends and detailed geology.

    technology 01

  5. Field visit to perform preliminary sampling plan
    • Spot sampling along the stratigraphic section
    • Sample description and chemical analyses
    • Field measurements for strikes and dips
    • Recommendation for location priority to start detailed geographic mapping

technology 02

Phase II – Mapping & Remote Sensing Study

  • Detailed remote sensing investigation to help in geological study and topographical modeling

Principal Component Analysis

technology 03

  • Geological setting and interpretation of geological structural modeling (to help in core drilling plan);
  • Topographic survey works to produce 3D contour map of scale;
  • Generate 3D Terrain Model.

technology 04

  • Drilling planning
  • Complete chemical analysis for selected raw material samples; SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O5, CaO, MgO, LOI, SO3, K2O, Na2O, TiO2, P2O5, SO3 and Cl
  • Physical testing
  • Preliminary geological report including main results and recommendations

Phase III - Overall Geological Investigation

  • Determine drilling targets
  • Executing the drilling works
  • Complete chemical analysis for all collecting core samples of raw material
  • Physical Testing
  • Interpretation of all obtained data using Surpac software to elaborate block mode
  • Grade Reserve estimation

technology 05

Phase IV-Mining Plan

  • Generalized mining aspects
  • Quarry schedule optimizing “Minesched-surpac”
  • Road design
  • Quarry opening details
  • Mining operation